Next Practice Partners

Next Practice Partners is a team committed to building a more inclusive and innovative future for all.

We are not your expert consultants; we are your trusted partners.
We don’t have all the answers; we will have a lot of questions.
We don’t believe in following trends; we want to create them.

We don’t know what the future holds.
We do know that we refuse to settle for the status quo.
Will we fail? Certainly; Will we learn from it? Absolutely!

We believe that life is a journey of learning and continuous improvement.
Others may share Best Practices from the past,

We will partner with you to co-create Next Practices for the future.

Our Vision

A more inclusive and innovative future for all

Our Mission

To help communities prepare for what's next

Our Values

Inclusion + Innovation + Information = Inspiration

Our Team

Neelay Bhatt
Neelay BhattFounder & CEO
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Jason Elissalde
Jason Elissalde Vice President
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Rumnik Kaur Ghuman
Rumnik Kaur Ghuman Project Associate
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Nikolaos Soumplis
Nikolaos SoumplisProject Associate
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Kiaan Bhatt
Kiaan BhattUser Experience Associate
Anika Bhatt
Anika BhattUser Experience Associate