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We care deeply about ensuring that every single voice in the community is heard. To that end, every project of ours includes a multi-lingual, ADA accessible and mobile friendly (responsive design) crowdsourcing website that serves as the one-stop shop for all project communication, events and findings.

This ensures that everyone who wishes to participate in the process can do so from wherever they are and see the plan develop in real-time so that there are no surprises at the end.

Project Websites

*these websites were designed by the Next Practice Partners team during their previous employment experiences


Our proprietary tool, HAPPiFEET, empowers users to participate in the community’s planning process and share day to day feedback from any location at any time to help parks and recreation agencies address customer issues in real-time so they can KEEP HAPPiFEET...because unhappy customers vote with their feet.

Users share their experiences via text, pictures or videos from any custom location. Agency staff receive input directly (and not through a complaint on social media) and can respond to guests instantly.

App dashboards allow agencies to track user feedback daily, weekly, annually or by any individual site in the system and use real-time data to meet and exceed community expectations.

Key Performance Indicators can help track how safe users feel in the park, their overall experience and the Net Promoter Score (likelihood of them recommending you) .


City of Miami
City of Miami, FL
City of Atlanta App
City of Atlanta, GA
Town of Windsor
Town of Windsor, CO
City of Carmel and Clay Township
City of Carmel and Clay Township, IN
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